Lets Be Real Meals: Cranberry Orange Waffles

I honestly can't believe it is already November. I feel like it was a few months ago I was making cranberry sauce for last year's Thanksgiving! With that being said, I have no complaints because I love the get-togethers this time of year, and I am a month closer to going back to Brazil. All is well :)

For this month's #LetsBeRealMeals theme, we partnered with Cape Cod Select Premium Cranberries to feature this season's favorite little fruit. Frozen cranberries are so versatile so you can enjoy their health benefits and tart taste year round! My dad always makes cranberry jelly around Thanksgiving but my mom definitely adds them to muffins throughout the year. Our family celebrates Thanksgiving because of American tradition, but being from Brazil it is obviously not something they learned growing up. Coming together in family and in gratitude is a celebration we can get behind :)

For my birthday last year I literally asked for a waffle maker so I could experiment with different flavors. I haven't nailed down the making-my-own-batter part without following a recipe, especially for this one because it has to contain less than 10 ingredients. I did try to make my own whole wheat batter but it honestly tasted flavorless and sad haha. So for the sake of #LetsBeRealMeals...let's be real, not everyone has time to make their own batter from scratch. That's where a pre-made mix comes in!

My absolute favorite batter is from Pamela's Baking Company. It happens to be gluten-free but that is not why I love it. For this recipe, I halved the recipe from the instructions to make only one large waffle, and added my own ingredients (frozen cranberries, ginger, cinnamon, and orange juice instead of water). They were so good they ended up being my lunch after I made the video! Even better...how good would they be with leftover turkey as a breakfast sandwich? Hello!! I just planned your Friday morning breakfast didn't I?

Recipe: Cranberry Orange Waffles
Makes: 1 large waffle

- 3/4 cup pancake/waffle batter (I use Pamela's)
- 1 egg (or per batter instructions)
- 1 tsp oil (or per batter instructions)
- 1/3 cup frozen Cape Cod Select cranberries
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp ground ginger
- 1/3 cup orange juice
- Non-stick spray
- Leftover cranberry sauce
- Maple syrup


1. Mix ingredients with batter throroughly

2. Heat and spray waffle iron. When ready, spoon batter into iron and cook for 5 minutes

3. Top waffle with leftover cranberry sauce (or yogurt, I bet that would be good!) and maple syrup and enjoy!

4. Optional: Add some leftover turkey and cranberry sauce in the middle and make a breakfast sandwich!

I hope you have a lovely holiday and enjoy some amazing food and company. Cheers!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Cape Cod Select Premium Cranberries. Recipe and thoughts are my own.