May Favorites!

I have always loved reading monthly favorites posts by other bloggers. It's been a good way to find out about things I love which I would have never heard of otherwise. I figured since I always become interested in things, especially those health-related, it would be fun to share :)

My Monthly Favorites list will probably range from things like healthy snack products, kitchen tools, books, podcasts (thanks to my 50 minute commute to work), beauty products, clothes, and more! 

And with that, here are my May Favorites:

Zella High-Waisted Leggings
I am all about paying more for better quality and investing in clothes that will last. This is partially due to my dad. He has been known to throw out some of my bags and shoes behind my back because he thought they were "too cheap" - mind you, a lot of this was during college when I was living off of summer job money.
However it eventually came to a point when I couldn't justify spending $100+ for Lululemon anymore. I have a few that have lasted 3-4 years, but have gotten pretty discouraged when reading all the recent reviews on their leggings saying the quality is not the same anymore. (If someone can prove me wrong on this, please do so.)
Stores like Old Navy, Target, and even Athleta have some great leggings for some people but they have never worked for me. I'd rather save my $$ to buy something that isn't going to rip in a few months or keep slipping off my waist.
Zella from Nordstrom, on the other hand, may even top Lulu tbh. The high-waisted leggings hold EVERYTHING together, don't slip, and have been so perfect for yoga and leg day workouts. I got the black first and then immediately ordered burgundy. Best part? They're half the price as Lulu. When you see a color you like in your size, don't even think about it, just order it, because they sell out super fast.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Toner
I have had acne for like, ever. And I have looked for ways to deal with it for as long as I can remember. It's gotten considerably better over the last few years, I think due in part to the fact that I am no longer in school and stressed 99.9% of the time. But in my quest to find the answer, I have never been able to spend all of my life savings on expensive products. I can see past the marketing and know that if there truly WAS something that worked, we'd know by now.
Also, natural remedies seldom hurt. I read about ACV and it's benefits and decided to try making my own toner out of it. I mixed 1/2 part apple cider vinegar and 1/2 filtered water and put it in this little spray bottle I got at Whole Foods. I started using it after washing my face both in the morning and at night, and after a few weeks I HAVE noticed that my pores look smaller and acne scars have diminished! If you want to try, I highly recommend using a moisturizer once the toner dries so that your face doesn't smell like ACV :) I use Origins GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer, it smells like oranges, and I love it.

Shore Soap Company Sugar Scrub
I love this company! They have a store on Thames St in Newport and all of their products are natural, locally made and basically smell like a beach day. I finally tried their sugar scrub in "Warm Sand" and it smells like summer, makes my skin super soft and it lasts forever! Even Kevin, who is the most frugal person I know, splurges every few months on their soaps because they are so great. I also swear by their charcoal face bar..lasts for months and removes 100% of my makeup. If you're ever in Newport, definitely check it our or check their online store!

Turmeric Eggs
You know the Frank's RedHot saying "I put that shit on everything." Well, that's how I feel about turmeric lately (and hot sauce also). Turmeric, if you've yet to try it, is that orange Indian spice used to make curry. Due to it's component, curcumin, it's a powerful antioxidant. Studies on turmeric are still in the works, but regardless of of benefits it is pretty delicious in my opinion. It adds flavor really anything..chicken, chickpeas, kale, smoothies, tofu and eggs (I just listed a bunch of foods I typically add turmeric to). Also, some studies show that black pepper helps with the absorption of curcumin, so try adding that along with it! Warning: It may stain your fingers but it is so worth it. We did just get a new white non-stick skillet to which Kevin already said "No turmeric", so I am thankful for our cast iron skillets!


 Turmeric scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach with my   Kefir Wild Blueberry Smoothie   on the side!

Turmeric scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach with my Kefir Wild Blueberry Smoothie on the side!

RD Real Talk Podcast
I am on my way to becoming a podcast junkie due to my long commute to work. Music doesn't always do it for me and there is only so much I can take of NPR and the current state of American politics. I also like to use my time wisely, so spending my sedentary driving time learning more about nutrition is a good way to do that.
This podcast by Heather Caplan, RD is mostly geared towards other RDs and interns/students, but there is some pretty valuable information in there for anybody. I love how she and her guests talk about "real talk" moments to prove that dietitians are not, in fact, the food police or clean eating robots. She also interviews other RDs who I love following on IG and asks about their different career paths. What I like the most is listening to them talk about nutrition news. I just feel like I am in a coffee shop with them venting about poorly written health articles and bad science (or discussing more positive articles!). I constantly find myself nodding my head in agreement with what they say. This podcast is also a breath of fresh air from all the other science-less health blogs/podcasts out there. I've started reading or listening to many with an open mind, only to find myself extremely annoyed with the crap that is being said. So if you're looking for quality, non-diet focused and valuable nutrition information, check out Real Talk RD. I would've loved to to listen to this when I was an intern!

Disclaimer: All of these opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way to advertise any of it. I'm just a girl talking about the things I love!