Let's Be Real Meals: Easy Tofu Scramble

Happy National Nutrition Month!

This year’s theme from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is to “Go Further With Food”. This can take several meanings. To me, it means to make the most out of your current food situation, whether it is using up the ingredients in your pantry/fridge/freezer before going grocery shopping, shopping locally and sustainably, and aiming to get balanced meals as often as possible.

For #LetsBeRealMeals, we decided to incorporate this theme into our videos this month!

I chose to show you how to make easy tofu scramble! I am a meat eater for sure. I don’t necessarily believe that labeling oneself as a specific diet-follower has anything to do with health (i.e vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc). I just happen to be someone who eats meat that also likes tofu!

This very basic recipe shows so many ways I try to go further with food. Here’s some!

- All the ingredients in this video are staples in my kitchen. I buy peppers, onions, and greens on a weekly basis and usually have at least one block of tofu in my fridge. This makes for easy, versatile cooking, especially when there is “nothing to eat”.

- Tofu is a more affordable source of protein than meat and chicken, it cooks quickly, and I love it because it basically acts as a sponge to all the flavors it is being mixed with. Although we eat meat, probably over half of our meals each week are plant-based so that we spend less on groceries.

- This recipe is perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Plus, you probably wouldn’t reheat eggs, right? But you can reheat tofu!

- Eating primarily plant-based is better for the environment, but we can eat meat sustainably by purchasing from local farmers!

- This meal is pretty balanced with carbs (veggies, toast on the side), protein (tofu), and fat (olive oil, cheese I added, and avocado on the side) meaning it should fill me up for a good few hours!

- I really don’t enjoy measuring ingredients unless I am baking. Cooking is fun for me when I can just throw different foods and spices together. Following a recipe to a T is something that I think personally takes away from the fun of cooking. For this recipe, I did not measure anything and I chose the amounts of ingredients to my liking!

I’d love to know how you “Go Further With Food”!

Recipe: Easy Tofu Scramble
1 block tofu
Bell pepper
Black pepper
Olive oil
Optional: Shredded cheese

1.)  Press block of tofu by cutting in half and squeezing with a paper towel (but not too hard so that you break it). You can also do this by covering it with paper towel or a cloth and putting something heavy over it for about 10 minutes.

2.)  Heat olive oil in a skillet. Sauté onions for about 2 minutes, then add peppers and mushrooms and sauté for another 2 minutes.

3.)  Crumble tofu by hand into the pan and break it up with the spoon or spatula, let cook about about 5 minutes.

4.)  Add spinach and let it wilt.

5.)  Add spices: I chose turmeric, black pepper, and salt!

6.)  Optional: Add cheese!

7.)  Enjoy!
P.S. I highly recommend spicing it up with some sriracha!